‘Celebrate Life’: Fox News contributor gives thanks for young heart donor who saved his wife

Charles Payne
Photo credit Variety.

The holiday season is a time to count your blessings, and Fox News contributor Charles Payne is among those taking advantage of the opportunity.

In October 2012, Payne appeared on Fox News’ “Varney & Co.” to discuss his wife’s successful heart transplant, describing how he received an email from an old friend while he was on the air. The man told him his daughter had died.

Payne forwarded the email to his wife, but what he didn’t notice was that his friend also told him that he wanted to donate his daughter’s heart to Payne’s ailing wife.

The families had to cut through bureaucratic red tape and race against the clock to get his wife to California for the surgery, Payne said at the time.

On Tuesday, he tweeted his Catholic wife’s touching Hanukkah tribute to the 20-year-old woman whose heart now beats in her chest.

Messages of joy, love and unity followed, including these:

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