Are uniforms a target now? Florida firefighter wounded in station house drive-by shooting

firefighterA firefighter in north Florida was struck in the arm Tuesday evening when his fire station came under fire in a drive-by shooting.

About a half-dozen firefighters were outside of Station 28 in the Jacksonville area gassing up vehicles when a car drove by and opened fire, said Lt. Jackson Short of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, according to WJAX-TV.

One of the firefighters was grazed in the arm by a ricocheting bullet, but the wound was considered minor and did not require stitches, according to Short.

Despite law enforcement across the country being on high alert because of the murder of two New York City police officers, and a Florida officer being killed a day later while responding to a call, Short said there was no reason to connect Tuesday’s incident specifically to the other shootings, WJAX-TV reported.

However, he said the firefighters were likely targeted because they were in uniform and in a well-lit area.

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WJAX-TV reported that Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department Chief Ivan Mote went further, saying the drive-by could be a copycat from the previous shootings.

“We’re concerned about the safety of our firefighters,” Mote said. “Of course our job is to protect people from incidents such as this, so first and foremost, we want to make sure our crews are safe.”

Jacksonville’s mayor released a statement calling the drive-by shooting a “cowardly attack.”

“I am outraged by cowardly attacks on our brave first responders,” Mayor Alvin Brown said in the statement. “These attacks will not be tolerated.”

Watch the full report here via WJAX-TV:

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