NFL player with a big heart scores big for young girl with serious heart condition

In the world of sports, sometimes players don’t see beyond the game. But that isn’t the case for one NFL player. Menelik Watson, a tackle for the […]

High school student’s act of kindness goes viral; purchased shoes for boy who was bullied for footwear

ANorth Carolina high school student noticed a classmate was being teased about his old shoe. What happened next reminds you there are still angels watching out for […]

Tree farms, volunteers and FedEx team up to bring Christmas trees home for the holidays

Thousands of American military families are celebrating Christmas with a tree in their home this Christmas thanks to the work of volunteers and the FedEx corporation. The […]

fruity christmas
These kids will NEVER be disappointed on Christmas

Tim Cocker’s children got very excited when their dad told them they’d be opening an early Christmas present. The adorable and well-raised tykes kept their cool, and […]

horned man
You don’t want this guy in your Christmas stocking

Loing at this man, it’s impossible not to ask: What was he thinking when he did that to himself? Still, all-tattooed and pierced, this strange, horned man […]

NBA Christmas
Slam dunk: Check out Christmas — the NBA way

Check out this fun compilation of the best NBA Christmas moments from over the years. It’s a of old and new faces, amazing shots, and some […]

Scare the kids? Phone call to Santa puts mom on a traffic cop’s naughty list

A mother-of-three ended up with a traffic citation and a hefty fine after being spotted by a police officer carrying out her threat to call Santa in […]

Attempted robbery turns fatal for the robber when the ‘victim’ turns out to be armed

A teenager who thought armed robbery was a good idea to pick up a pair of Air Jordans for Christmas found out just how bad it was […]

Florida woman attacks satanic display in Capitol for Christmas

A Florida woman was charged with criminal mischief Tuesday after ripping apart a satanic display in the state’s Capitol. Susan Hemeryck, 54, entered the Capitol at 11:23 […]

Fox News’ Eric Bolling demolishes ‘social commentator’ who accuses Fox of racism: It only took one word

Fox News host Eric Bolling was filling in for Bill O’Reilly Tuesday night when he used a one-word question to upend the entire “racism” mantra being used […]

Jason Whitlock
ESPN writer’s common-sense response to cop shooting blisters the blame-cops-first crowd

For some people, using common sense and facts is not an option. Sports writer and ESPN commentator Jason Whitlock found that out Wednesday — if he didn’t […]

Are uniforms a target now? Florida firefighter wounded in station house drive-by shooting

A firefighter in north Florida was struck in the arm Tuesday evening when his fire station came under fire in a drive-by shooting. About a half-dozen firefighters […]