Unlike libs, Ben Carson doesn’t think ‘thug’ is code for ‘black’: ‘A thug is a thug’

Dr. Ben Carson believes it’s high time to remember the value police officers bring to U.S. cities, especially in light of anti-police sentiments that climaxed last weekend with the murder of two New York City police officers.

“I believe it would be a very wise idea to start talking about the good that the police do,” Carson told Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” fill-in host Greg Gutfeld on Monday. “We can find bad things about anybody. If we just emphasize those bad things all the time, it’s called demonization.”

The widely popular conservative doctor and commentator expressed concerns that police would become hesitant under the weight of all the recent scrutiny.

“What people don’t realize is, if we keep piling on the police, we make them somewhat tentative in the way they deal with situations,” Carson said. “That actually will put more of us in jeopardy.”

Carson acknowledged that like any group of people, police forces have bad apples, and agencies across America have some work to do to win back the public trust.

“The police and the group in authority have to admit that it’s not perfect,” he said. “I’m very encouraged by the general agreement that body cameras would be good.”

Detractors, though, also have to be honest about holding their own supporters accountable, he added.

“The community has to recognize that a thug is a thug. When people do bad things, there are consequences,” he said. “It’s very disingenuous when you take someone who is doing illegal things and try and make them into a hero. What message does that send?”

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