Planned Parenthood s’mores promo backfires: ‘illustrates what they do to innocent babies’

Ebony magazine writer/editor Jamilah Lemieux posted a pic of a customized s’more kit with the Planned Parenthood logo on the marshmallow, which is being used to raise funds for organization.

The company that created the kit will give $5 each for “unique hash tagged photo” using #PPsmoresupport. Guess they didn’t check with marketing for this idea. There has been only one hashtag in support of this campaign as the rest seem to scoff at the idea.

Planned Parenthood gave me a s’more for Christmas A photo posted by @b3njamin14 on

Planned Parenthood s’more A photo posted by mikkipedia (@realmikkipedia) on

You have to love the snark for failed ideas such as these:


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