Jonah Goldberg calls out Obama: How about calling the movie theaters, they have phones in Hawaii?

jonah goldbergIn reaction to the decision by Sony Pictures to yield to the demands of North Korean hackers and cancel the release of the satirical film “The Interview,” Fox News host Howard Kurtz suggested the company caved on free speech.

National Review Online editor Jonah Goldberg joined Kurtz Sunday as a panelist on “Media Buzz,” and said everyone involved “had an excuse to be cowardly.” He was especially critical of President Obama’s actions.

“He can still talk to the movie theaters,” Goldberg said. “He says ‘I wish they would have called me in advance’ — he can still talk to them. He doesn’t have to go to Hawaii, or he can call from Hawaii. They have phones there.”

For that matter, there are phones on Air Force One.

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In a year-end news conference held before he jetted off to Hawaii for a Christmas vacation, Obama said Sony made “a mistake” in not releasing the film.

“The administration has not hesitated to insert itself in issues in which it’s not necessarily invited,” fellow panelist Sharyl Attkisson added. “The idea that it couldn’t have provided the support prior to Sony making big decisions like this, instead of after the fact criticizing them for it is a little disingenuous.”

Goldberg got in a shot at North Korea when he mentioned Obama’s comment about a “proportional response” to the cyber-attack.

“It’s not like we can hack the donkeys that are running the economy in North Korea,” he quipped, before saying the only proportionate response is to air the film.

Watch the full discussion here via Fox News:

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