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Alec Baldwin fires a shot at James Woods for NYPD tweets

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Hollywood hothead Alec Baldwin took to Twitter on Sunday to criticize fellow actor James Woods and Patrick Lynch, the head of the largest police union in New York City, over the deaths of two police officers.

And Baldwin, who was highly critical of New York’s finest earlier this year when stopped for riding his bike the wrong way down Fifth Ave., wants you to believe that people can still support police, even as they denigrate them.

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After a long absence, Woods returned to Twitter on Sunday as a result of the shooting in New York City, and he did not mince his words as he blamed both Mayor Bill de Blasio and shameless race hustler Al Sharpton, who he called a “disgusting pig.”

Here is a sample of Wood’s social media commentary:

Baldwin first went after Lynch, who blasted de Blasio on Saturday, saying the blood of the dead officers is on his hands. The tweets can be seen here: 

After making that political remark, Baldwin attacked Woods for politicizing the deaths of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. Interestingly, Baldwin and Woods co-starred in “Ghosts of Mississippi,” a movie about the death of civil rights activist Medgar Evers.

The tweet is seen here:  

And with that hypocritical remark, the battle of the stars was on. Woods has yet to respond, but that didn’t stop his followers from engaging. Here’s a sampling of responses, as seen on Twitter: 

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