Second video has people stunned by what Ray Rice’s wife did as they were in cuffs after elevator blow

While an elevator video captured former NFL player Ray Rice viciously punch his then-girlfriend, now wife in the face, knocking her unconscious, it turns out that is not the only video of the couple taken in an elevator that night.

ABC News has obtained a video through a public records request filed with the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Division that shows Janay Palmer talking with police and security officials at the Revel casino after being hit.

Police would eventually handcuff Rice and Palmer, and lead the couple to an elevator.

An officer is seen pulling Rice’s hood up over his head as they walk toward the elevator. Once inside, a camera shows Palmer lean in as if she is trying to kiss her eventual husband. She would continue to make intimate contact with Rice.

ABC News said the original video was 45 minutes long, but the network put out a 2 1/2 minute version, as seen here:

Palmer can be seen in the ABC News image below on the far right leaning into Rice, who has his hands cuffed behind his back:



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