North Korea insists on joint investigation with US to find hackers; slams CIA

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The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a gift that doesn’t stop giving.

Rejecting the FBI’s claim that they’re responsible for the cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, North Korea not only has denied any involvement, but, taking a cue from O.J., who promised to find the real killers of his ex-wife and a friend, the communist country has proposed a joint investigation with the U.S. government to find the real hackers.

The proposal was made Saturday in Pyongyang by a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman, who said the country can prove it’s not behind the cyber-attack, the New York Daily News reported.

The spokesman said the U.S. was spreading unfounded rumors and warned of “serious consequences” if their offer is rejected.

According to a statement: “The U.S. should bear in mind that it will face serious consequences in case it rejects our proposal for joint investigation and presses for what it called countermeasures while finding fault with North Korea.”

In a year-end press conference on Friday, President Obama said North Korea was behind the attack and vowed to respond.

“We will respond proportionately and in a space, time and manner that we choose,” he said. “We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship.”

Taking the comedy to a high level, the North Korean spokesman got a jab in about torture while saying the U.S. government has no evidence to prove its claim, according to the Daily News.

“We have a way to prove that we have nothing to do with the case without resorting to torture, as the CIA does,” he said.

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