George W. Bush turned up at children’s hospital as Santa, but the buzz was about his elf

Whether you agree with his politics or not, and despite being vilified by the left for the better part of eight years, there’s no doubting that George W. Bush is a class act.

The former president, dressed as Santa, visited the Dallas’ Children’s Medical Center recently to spread a little Christmas cheer with the young patients. And just as he does in his many activities with wounded veterans, Bush did so sans media.

But social media lit up like a Christmas tree when someone posted an image of the gaiety on Twitter — adding to the fun was a glimpse of what appeared to be a Secret Service agent in the background dressed as one of Santa’s elves!

Can you imagine the conversation that took place between Bush and the agent to make that happen?

It all began when a Daily Telegraph writer asked about presidents dressing up as Santa. Here are sampling of responses, as seen on Twitter:


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322 thoughts on “George W. Bush turned up at children’s hospital as Santa, but the buzz was about his elf

  1. cmjay says:

    Obama already played Santa by giving away our Tax dollars as Presents for the thousands of ILLEGALS.

  2. keta says:

    What a nice gesture. If only that had been his job between 2000 and 2008…

  3. Lars Skiipole says:

    That’s novel. An elf with an Uzi. 🙂

  4. xoxozo says:

    Hey that’s nothing to write about…Obama went golfing in Hawaii

  5. Farnsworth says:

    Class act, Obama gigantic ass.

  6. John Richardson says:

    i live in kennebunk maine and have had the oppurtuninity to meet the bush’s numerous times out and about town such a great family and barbara is the epitomy of a classy lady she has done more for the children of maine than one could possibly understand

  7. Maddoggin says:

    Omg you guys are so full of it. You take anything this potus does and literally turn it into something outrageous. Why don’t you try researching a little and find out that the first family spent their Christmas in Hawaii with homeless and troops. Your so full of hate that you don’t even realize that this isn’t even George w bush its litteraly some random guy dressed as Santa. You guys believe and fall for anything geeze! How does it feel to be the laugh of the country? Lmao!

  8. James Ryan Barnett says:

    This article needs a retraction! This was NOT Bush. Hospital staff confirmed Bush was NOT Santa. What ever happened to facts and accountability?

  9. Brian Robinson says:

    Get off Jamal’s sack! He’s just your typical racist. No it’s not on just minor issues it’s on everything.

  10. Maddoggin says:

    I see the site likes to live in a fairy land a push false stories. I posted on here that this story is fake. Its not George bush. Its literally some random guy and looks like my comment was deleted. Smh! Keeping the base stupid and ignorant is better than telling them the truth eh!

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