Castro’s daughter: Obama ‘must be dreaming’ if he thinks Cuba will be servile, embrace capitalism

Raul Castro‘s daughter mocked any expectation that Cuba would return to capitalism now that the two countries have restored relations.

“The people of Cuba don’t want to return to capitalism,” Mariela Castro, a member of Cuba’s parliament, told Reuters on Friday. “We’ve been at this 56 years and … we love saying that we are a country in revolution, trying to create socialism, and we form part of a single party called the Communist Party.”

President Obama said Wednesday that increased commerce would serve both countries well, adding that Cuba would not put U.S. businesses at a disadvantage. The United States expects to facilitate transactions and make it easier for America to export and sell goods to Cuba, he said.

But Mariela Castro seemed suspicious of Obama’s motives, saying the United States “must be dreaming” if it thinks Cuba will return to “being a servile country to the interests of the most powerful financial groups in the U.S.”

Watch Castro’s comments in their entirety here via AP:


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