Tactical Firearms ex-owner ARRESTED, jailed after he refuses judge’s order to hand over Facebook password

Former owner of the shooting center Tactical Firearms, Jeremy Alcede, was arrested Wednesday for contempt of court when he refused to hand over his Facebook page password, citing it was his own personal property, KTRK-TV reported.

Tactical Firearms is the popular gun store that gained national attention when it displayed some politically charged signage earlier this year. Alcede believes the online social media popularity he gained from those types of sign displays is why the new owners are seeking his Facebook page.

In an earlier bankruptcy hearing, Alcede was ordered to turn it over to the new owners of his business, KTRK reported.

“When they said they wanted the Facebook, I explained to the attorney who was representing the company that there is no company Facebook page and there’s just my personal page. And I asked her to convey that to the judge, and obviously it wasn’t conveyed,” Alcede said.

John Boyert with the Boyert Shooting Center said “At the point in time, he was an employee of the company and he was building that for the company regardless of who is owner or not.”

A judge has appointed a third party to tally the personal and business posts on that Facebook page to hopefully decide who owns it, according to KTRK.

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