Officer tells reporter Ray Rice’s fiancé deserved to get punched: ‘Act like a ho, you get treated like one’

Officer Andrew Petrowski of the Austin Police Department in Texas was caught on tape confronting a reporter in a profanity-laced rant about the National Football League’s Ray Rice domestic violence fallout over him beating up his wife, Janay, in a hotel elevator.

Joy Diaz, reporter for NPR affiliate KUT, was waiting to interview with head of the local police union when she was approached by Petrowski who, according to Diaz, unprompted, began ranting about how the media exaggerated the violent abuse case seen by millions of Americans via TMZ .

Here’s what Petrowski allegedly said to Diaz:

“Now, stop and think about this. I don’t care who you are. You think about the women’s movement today, [women say] ‘Oh, we want to go [into] combat,’ and then, ‘We want equal pay, and we want this.’ You want to go fight in combat and sit in a foxhole? You go right ahead, but a man can’t hit you in public here? Bulls–t! You act like a ho, you get treated like one!”

And it seems like Petrowski took that to heart. He retired from the force on Friday, December 12th, after learning that KUT was planning on airing his comments.

Listen to the report below, via KUT (Petrowski’s audio begins at around the 2:00 mark):

WARNING: Remarks in audio could be found offensive.



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