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Teen who killed intruder tells 911: ‘He broke my grandma’s window so I shot three times’

Isai Delcid
Isai Delcid via Facebook.

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A teenager whose father was killed in a robbery eight years ago proved this week that the right to bear arms means being able to defend the lives of your loved ones.

The events started Tuesday, when two brothers, Isai Robert Delcid, 18 and Carlos Delcid, 22, decided to break into the wrong home in southeast Charlotte, N.C.

The home was occupied by a grandmother and her 14-year-old grandson.

As the brothers attempted to get in through a back window, the 14-year-old yelled at them to stop, WSOC-TV reported.

“He was coming through the window and my grandson said, ‘Stop, I have a gun,'” George Wyant, the boy’s grandfather said.

Undeterred, Isai Delcid continued breaking in. That’s when the 14-year-old started shooting at him.

Delcid was shot dead at the scene while his brother ran from the house. He was later captured.

“They heard some noises, saw an individual at the back of the residence trying to come into their house,” Lt. Eric Brady of Charlotte Mecklenburg Police told KLTV.

In the 911 call released Wednesday the teen can be heard explaining what happened in the background.

“I said who is it and he wouldn’t stop … He broke my grandma’s window so I shot three times,” the teen said.

“Nobody likes to hear anything like this happened. A young fellow being involved. My grandson,” the teen’s grandfather George Wyant said. “You wouldn’t think it would happen. Why would somebody come way up here, bust in a house? I don’t know.”

The grandfather believes the home had been victimized repeatedly by the brothers, who did air conditioning work there once.

The 14-year-old has dealt with violence before as his dad was killed during a robbery at his business in 2008, according to WSOC-TV.

Wyant told WSOC-TV that he is happy his grandson knew how to access the gun and was able to use it to defend himself and his grandmother.

“What would have happened if he didn’t have it, if I didn’t go out and get it?” Wyant said.

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