Prominent black journalist calls out Obamas; People interview ‘a little difficult to stomach’

Prominent black journalist and member of the Wall Street Journal editor board Jason Riley did his best Wednesday to the latest “America-is-racist” narrative put out by Barack and Michelle Obama in their recent People magazine interview.

And he did it from personal experience.

In an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallom on “The Kelly File,” Riley said the Obama interview excerpts were “disturbing” and  “little difficult to stomach.”

In addition to his journalism career, Riley is the author of  “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed.”

This is the major piece that should be focused on by everyone that watched this clip “The issue isn’t whether racism still exists in America. The issue is whether racism is still a major barrier to black progress in this country and clearly the presence of a black president in the White House is a sign of progress in this country,” Riley said.

Barack Obama’s takeaway of his experience of being handed a set of car keys as if he were the valet is that of racism. For a two-time elected president of the United States, who happens to be of mixed-race descent, to even bring up this analogy is ludicrous. It is profoundly sad that it is not common enough to see blacks dining in upscale restaurants so that when it does happen, as in Obama’s case, they’re thought of as the valet! That should not be.

Instead of complaining about his own long-irrelevant past Obama he should focus on the above average incidence of poverty and resultant inadequate education that leave too many of the black community out of middle and upper-middle class society.

They deserve better, and can do better.


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