Michelle O’s ‘racist’ Target shopper was really an Obama-voting liberal, Glenn Beck caller says

Another hole has been punched in Michelle Obama’s disingenuous story of racism.

The first lady originally told the story of a woman asking her to reach detergent for her at Target because she was taller comically on the David Letterman show two years ago. She seemed to find it funny at the time because she was incognito and the woman didn’t recognize her. That’s not exactly the tale she told People magazine about how racist whitey ask her royal highness to get the detergent for her. during the shopping trip.

An “infuriated” woman named Donna claiming to be the sister of the woman  Obama is accusing of racism called in to the “Glenn Beck Program” Thursday to “set the record straight.”

“Michelle Obama told it accurately the first time, but she is twisting it now to make my sister out to be a racist,” Donna told Glenn Beck. “Now, her name isn’t out there. But I just got furious on my sister’s behalf.

Donna told Beck that her sister voted for Obama twice and that her sister’s husband works for MSNBC. Is the liberal network going to help debunk Michelle O’s story?

Watch the entire segment below courtesy of The Blaze.

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Carmine Sabia


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