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‘Don’t cave’: Romney’s outside-the-box idea for how Sony could turn that hack attack around

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On the day President Obama announced plans to normalize the country’s relationship with Cuba’s Castro dictatorship, Sony Pictures announced it is canceling plans to release a movie about the assassination of the dictator of North Korea.

And former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has two pieces of advice for Sony: Don’t give up, and fight evil with good.

(The idea of enlisting support by putting out the movie for free to raise money to fight Ebola is thinking outside the box – but North Korea’s thinking is pretty far outside the box already.) There were some naysayers to Romney’s idea (some Obamtron trolls, maybe), but a lot of support, too.  

Sony, of course, has already caved – which it had been signaling it would do for days after the extent of a hacking attack related to the movie “The Interview” became clear. It decided the movie, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, simply wasn’t worth the possibility of escalating attacks.

It’s unfortunate, truly.

That the movie stinks goes without saying. Ten seconds of previews makes that clear.

That Sony caved to a lunatic Asian dictator is worse.

That it happened on the same day the president of the United States took a major step toward appeasing a dictatorship in our own hemisphere is worst of all.

Romney’s Twitter posting might have been better directed – even if it was going to be ignored.


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