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Cruz rips ‘defiant, angry’ Obama throwing temper tantrum with Cuba deal

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U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz ripped President Obama for the decision to normalize diplomatic relations with the communist government of Cuba, saying Obama is angry and “reacting with unilateral defiance” to the results of the midterm elections.

“This is yet another tragic mistake,” Cruz, R-Texas, said during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.” “It is the latest manifestation of the failures of the Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy.”

The potential 2016 presidential contender said the president’s actions “show weakness and appeasement toward our enemies.”

He noted that the oppressive, totalitarian dictatorship in Cuba is struggling because it depends on Venezuela, which is hurting from low oil prices.

“President Obama stepped in and threw an economic lifeline, and that presents a serious danger to our national security,” he said.

Cruz said we are now seeing Obama’s true beliefs coming out — and he made the president sound like a toddler throwing a tantrum to defy his parents.

“The president’s reaction, especially to this last election in November, is that he is angry and defiant,” he said. “He is angry at the American people for throwing the Democrats out of power, for retiring Harry Reid and he is reacting with unilateral defiance of the voters and the American people.”

Invoking Ronald Reagan, Cruz told host Sean Hannity the only way the GOP will win back the White House in 2016 is “if we paint in bold colors and not pale pastels.” He said conservative voters will just stay home again “if we continue to run to the mushy middle.”

Watch his full remarks here via Fox News:

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