‘Sopranos’ star’s ad against NYC carriage rides shameful profiling, says Italian-American lawmaker

Racial profiling. Sometimes liberals like it.

PETA has begun a series of campaigns supporting New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal to ban horse drawn carriages in the city.

The ads seem to be specifically targeted demographically.

Jimmy Vacca
Councilman Jimmy Vacca. Photo credit Bryan Smith, NY Daily News

In the largely gay area neighborhood of Chelsea the ads feature openly gay fashion guru Tim Gunn of Project Runway, while in areas with black council members, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons is utilized.

The ads use of Edie Falco, who played Carmella Soprano in the HBO hit series “The Sopranos,” in a heavily Italian district sent its Italian-American councilman Jimmy Vacca over the edge, the New York Daily News reported.

“I believe the choice of a star from the Sopranos to persuade an Italian-American council member in a district with a large Italian-American population is profiling, and I resent it,” Vacca said.

“This is yet another example of insensitive stereotyping that has too long been used against the Italian-American community,” he said. “I will decide this matter on the merits of the legislation – not on the opinions of celebrities.”

“Drivers have been caught forcing horses to work in weather extremes and while injured,” the ad featuring Falco reads.

Vacca is one of several council members still undecided about the carriage ban.

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