School stages Brown-Garner ‘protest’ with 7-year-olds; cop dad furious!


A Massachusetts charter school used second-graders to stage a “protest” over the deaths of two men in confrontations with police.

And the police officer father of one of the children involved is furious.

The demonstration took place at the Alma del Mar Charter School in New Bedford, according to the Boston Globe, and involved the children holding signs for passing traffic with messages like “Honk For Justice.”

The school’s executive director ludicrously suggested that the “protest” was the children’s idea, and that the school permitted it as a civics lesson of sorts,

But the George Borden, a 15-year New Bedford cop whose daughter attends the school, called that nonsense.

“I don’t think 7-year-olds can come up with the idea to go out and protest on the street,” George Borden told the newspaper Globe.

The school never consulted the children’s parents about the “protest” and Borden learned about from a friend who called to say Borden’s daughter was part of the group.

Borden’s father, also named George, told ABC News the anti-police nature of the “protest” was clear.

“My son’s a cop, so he’s really upset,” Borden said. “And after his daughter got in the car, she asked if he shoots people.”

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