Details surface on former Fox News correspondent’s suicide


Details are emerging that show former Fox News correspondent Dominic Di-Natale was meticulous in planning to take his own life, even texting a friend to tell her where his body could be found.

Di-Natale resigned from Fox News on Nov. 30, and host Greta Van Susteren said he emailed her around that time to ask if she wanted his cats. In an article published on Monday, New York Times correspondent  Ernesto Londoño, close friends with Di-Natale, shared more details, including the text message sent to a close friend just before he committed suicide.

“This is where the authorities can find me,” Di-Natale wrote in the message. “I cannot live and diminish with this illness. To my father, to you and to those I have hurt and inconvenienced, I am so very, very sorry.”

According to The Times, Di-Natale had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress in October 2012, and more recently began to suffer from seizures, vision problems, persistent headaches and temporary memory loss.

In a letter to a close friend, he wrote that he went to great lengths to hide the physical problems, fearing “social indignity and stigmas and the implications for my career.”

Di-Natale experienced severe symptoms on Nov. 4, the day of the midterm elections, and a friend urged him to see a neurologist. He had a brain scan, which showed brain damage “that may have been caused by concussions he suffered following a mortar attack in northern Iraq in 2009 and a bullet that ricocheted off his helmet in Afghanistan in 2011,” according to The Times.

“I cannot live like that,” he said in the letter. “Nor can I bear the thought of those around me watching me degenerate.”

His final day, as described by The Times: “Mr. Di-Natale drove his cherry red Ford 150 pickup truck to scenic spot in the Colorado mountains, near Denver. Before pulling the trigger on a gun, Mr. Di-Natale sent a text message to Ms. Perry that contained a link to a map with his location.”

And to the end, he was worried about his cats.

“The girls don’t deserve an early end to their lives because of a cowardly owner,” he wrote in the letter, asking his friend to find a good home for the cats and spare them from Los Angeles shelters.

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