Bill O’Reilly: ‘If Sen. Warren ever gains White House, she’d make Obama look like Ronald Reagan’

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Does liberal America have a new face?

Fox News host  Bill O’Reilly told viewers on Tuesday night’s “Talking Points Memo” that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is poised to dethrone Democrats’ favorite female icon, Hillary Clinton.

Pegging Clinton as too socially moderate for some leftist media, O’Reilly said Warren is the new darling among progressive websites like and there is a strong push for her to run for president in 2016.

Warren, a former Harvard law professor, despises Wall Street and wants to see big banks punished for their sins. She “is not a big fan of capitalism in general,” O’Reilly said.

Warren takes Obama’s famous 2012 “you didn’t build that” comment and proudly turns it into a diatribe to promote her vision of an “underlying social contract,” O’Reilly said.

This vision will strongly impact Americans, O’Reilly warns.

“She believes that all Americans should pay to abort fetuses, no matter what you think about the destruction of potential human beings,” he said. “She believes that and that the social contract should allow punitive taxation on corporations and wealthy individuals in order to provide for those who don’t have very much.”

Warren also “wants stringent government control of firearms, robust health care subsidies, and government-mandated wages for low-paid workers,” O’Reilly pointed out.

“In short, she is a classic liberal thinker who believes Washington should control the lives of individuals for the collective good.”

Twenty years ago she may have been considered a fringe. In 2014, she’s a lib favorite, particularly for young people and minorities.

“If Senator Warren ever gains the White House, she’d make Barack Obama look like Ronald Reagan,” O’Reilly said.


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