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Video: Watch hero officer save man from jumping off bridge

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Sometimes we get wrapped up with so many negative stories via the mainstream media, we need positive stories to reinforce just how great everyday Americans are.

In this case, West Columbia, S.C., police officer Will Norris is just that hero.

Norris was working a vandalism case on on a Saturday in November when something more pressing suddenly came up. A cabbie notified the four-year veteran of the department that there was a man on bridge looking to jump.

Norris initially missed the man because he was partially hidden by a light post. But after a quick U-turn and help from a runner pointed the man out, Norris pulled up and approached the man on foot.

With the situation being hectic, Norris didn’t think about his dash cam recording the incident. The following video clip was taken from the police cruisers dash camera.

“Just trying to think back to training,” Norris recalled. “You know, ‘I need this, I need that. I approached the subject. ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ He said, ‘I want to kill myself. And my mind just went blank and everything after that was just pure instinct, reacting to the situation.”

Officer Wilson Saves Suicidal Man

We will have heroes in our society and Officer Norris is just that individual.

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