Police commissioner asks if officers who are shot will get marches too; protesters demand apology

Caring for human life is a one-way street these days, and no one is marching on it for cops.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts set off a firestorm when he said he wondered if those protesting alleged police brutality would show the same concern for the wounded officer who was shot during a traffic stop Sunday, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Baltimore police Officer Andrew Groman was shot by Donte Jones,19, after using his Taser in an attempt to subdue the suspect.

Police say at the same time Jones was hit with the Taser he pulled out a revolver and shot the officer. A bullet got under Groman’s bullet proof vest wounding him.

“We’ve had marches nationwide over the fact that we have lost lives in police custody. I wonder if we’ll have those same marches as officers are shot, too,” Batts said.

The NAACP’s Baltimore chapter and activist group Baltimore Bloc condemned the commissioner’s remarks.

“Although I certainly understand the pain and frustration expressed by Commissioner Batts, I believe his questioning of the community’s response to the shooting is misplaced and not helpful to the dialogue between the police and the community we’re trying to build,” said Tessa Hill-Aston, president of the NAACP’s Baltimore chapter.

Some pro police organizations spoke out to praise Commissioner Batts.

Others also chimed in on Twitter to support the commissioner.

Groman employed a Taser like so many protesters routinely call on police to use instead of their firearm. Wonder how quick the protests would have started if the officer had shot Jones instead.

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