Obama’s sticking you with a huge vacation bill for Christmas again – a whopping 17 days

President Obama and family are about to embark on their annual Christmas vacation and this one is scheduled to last a whopping 17 days.

Traditionally, the Obama’s holiday treks have been rather expensive, averaging about $4 million, according to watchdog.org, and the president can’t wait.

“On Friday, the first family will depart the White House en route to Honolulu, Hawaii,” said spokesman Josh Earnest. “A flight that I know the president himself is eagerly looking forward to.”

And they need the rest. Especially first lady Michelle Obama, who must be exhausted from her hard work doing … um … stuff?

“I don’t really have a long wish list for Christmas,” she told children at the Washington, D.C., medical center Monday where she was on hand to read ‘’A Visit from St. Nick”, according to CBS News. “I just want everybody to be happy, and I want to sleep in. That’s what I want for Christmas. I want to sleep late. Maybe I’ll get that.”

Many in the Twitterverse had some rather pointed comments directed toward the president for his latest excursion.

Carmine Sabia


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