Gov. Scott’s advice to feds: ‘Do the same thing we’re doing in Florida’

Florida is one of the fastest growing states in the country for jobs, and Gov. Rick Scott told CNBC Monday how that has been accomplished.

The federal government could take note, Scott said, pointing to lower taxes, less regulation and streamlined permit approvals, causing the Sunshine State’s business environment to thrive.

GOP leadership also had something to do with it, according to Scott.

“The states with Republican governors, they’ve done better than states without Republican governors as far as job growth,” Scott told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

“In August, Texas beat us, we were number two in job growth with 28, 000 private sector jobs,” he said. “That’s big, 28, 000 jobs in one month.”

Scott had some advice for the federal government.

“You have to downsize the size of government, balance the budget, quit scaring people their taxes will have to go up, streamline the permitting process,” the governor said. “We have to do the same thing we’re doing in Florida.”

Watch the interview here via CNBC:


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