Bloody brawl on Brooklyn Bridge sends 2 police lieutenants to hospital

When protesters brawled with police on the Brooklyn Bridge, supporters yelled, “record it!”

It was all recorded and posted to social media and the police are now saying, “thank you!”

Videos posted to YouTube have become a key part of the investigation as police try to locate six additional people who were involved in the Saturday night incident on the Brooklyn Bridge, which put two police lieutenants in the hospital.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said, “We do not take attacks on our police officers lightly – never have, never will.”

Police have captured one suspect already, a Baruch College professor was arrested on the scene after he allegedly tried to throw a metal garbage can at the police officers.

And with the help of the videos posted online, police have captured the images of the six others they say are involved.

The protesters were gathered to show their opposition to a Staten Island grand jury’s decision not to indict a police officer in the death of illegal cigarette vendor Eric Garner.

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