Jeb Bush
Social media takes Jeb Bush’s presidential announcement as a virtual ‘kick me’ sign

Social media exploded Tuesday with Jeb Bush’s Facebook announcement that he will “actively explore” running for president in 2016, but much of the commentary might not have […]

bathroom brawl
Brawl in boys’ bathroom: that kid has a left arm!

Exacting revenge for every redhead who’s ever been teased, this little slugger lays out his opponent!

Jason Barthel
Pro-cop T-shirts with rebuttal to ‘I can’t breathe’ selling like hotcakes

A popular new T-shirt is a breath of fresh air. The phrase “I can’t breathe” has been a favorite chant at protests across the country as it […]

Cops and protesters Brooklyn Bridge
Bloody brawl on Brooklyn Bridge sends 2 police lieutenants to hospital

When protesters brawled with police on the Brooklyn Bridge, supporters yelled, “record it!” It was all recorded and posted to social media and the police are now […]

Bride and horse
Romantic photo shoot ends badly when bride gets thrown from horse

Don’t let the sweet music fool you, this bride is going to end up face down, with one shoe off, after the horse throws her and takes […]

Obama Claus
Obama’s sticking you with a huge vacation bill for Christmas again – a whopping 17 days

President Obama and family are about to embark on their annual Christmas vacation and this one is scheduled to last a whopping 17 days. Traditionally, the Obama’s […]

FedEx Truck flips over; spills Christmas packages on N.J. highway

This is not where you want to see your holiday gifts! Scores of packages were strewn across a New Jersey highway when a FedEx trailer overturned and […]

‘Please make it stop’: Wolf Blitzer’s pop song to Jeb Bush hits a sour note

Jeb Bush might not have surprised anyone, but Wolf Blitzer sure did. Bush’s announcement on Facebook Tuesday that he’s going to “actively explore the possibility of running” […]

Amirah Droudis
Cafe killer’s ‘terrorist’ wife posted blood thirsty online rant

The wife of Man Haron Monis, the Sydney hostage-taker shot to death by Australian police Monday, is not only accused of helping him commit murder, she also […]

Anti-gun Australians see Sydney as wakeup call – when bad guys have guns, good people don’t

The hostage siege by an Islamist terrorist in Sydney, Australia, could force the Land Down Under to take another look at its strict gun-control laws, an outspoken […]

Apple made such a cool holiday video, you forget it’s an ad

Apple’s new ad “The Song,” released Sunday, earned about a million views in 24 hours and by Tuesday morning was nearing 2 million. In the ad, a young […]

Federal judge finds Obama immigration action unconstitutional; exceeds executive authority

A federal court dealt a blow to President Obama’s unilateral declaration of amnesty for illegal aliens on Tuesday, declaring Obama’s blanket announcement that up to 5 million […]

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