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While Sharpton marched in DC, black teen, 15 was shot for his jacket

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A march  against the killing of black men by police officers organized by the National Action Alliance on Saturday in Washington, was interrupted by a group of youth activists from Ferguson, Mo., who rushed the stage demanding to be heard and accused Sharpton of turning their cause into a show.

17-year old Teen Taken into custody for murder of 15-year old over jacket – Photo from Youtube Video

While this made-for-TV moment was being broadcast, Demario Bailey, 15,  was murdered in the Englewood  neighborhood of Chicago. He and his twin brother, Demacio, were walking to Demacio’s basketball practice when four hoods demanded the teenager’s jacket.

“Some guys came upon him and tried to rob him of his jacket,” said Demario’s aunt, Michelle Fitzpatrick. “Our nephew wouldn’t give up his coat, and they shot him in the chest.”

The shooting happened at 12:40 p.m. on West 63rd Street. Seven minutes later, Demario was pronounced dead. Here is footage:

Self-appointed black leaders such as Sharpton, the Rev Jesse Jackson and the rest of the “poverty posse” will not address black on black killings in America, turning a blind eye to fixing the problem.

According to NBCChicago reports, three were killed while 27 were wounded in violent crimes in the Chicago area this weekend. When will something be done to expose these criminals in the community instead of grandstanding 400 miles away for the CSPAN cameras?

h/t Chicago Tribune

Photo – Youtube Video Screenshot




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