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Drudge wants to know what incredible dirt Obama has on Boehner

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Matt Drudge is the founder of a popular news aggregator website called the Drudge Report. Millions flock to his website on a daily basis to read the news of the moment and clever headlines.

Drudge has a large following on social media via his twitter account.

Friday, he tweeted that Obama must have some incredible “dirt” on Republican Speaker John Boehner for Boehner to cram through the massive 1,600 page, $1.1 trillion “CRomnibus” spending bill, which increases government spending and fully funds Obama’s illegal amnesty and Obamacare.

As most of us know, Boehner had previously promised to fight against Obamacare and illegal immigration/amnesty. With this tweet, it seems Drudge might have the inside scoop on why Boehner changed his mind.

Boehner must respond to this. Is he being blackmailed? Or, is he simply taking advice from Barack Obama/Chuck Schumer and doing what they say is necessary for the GOP to win Hispanic and women votes. Never mind the GOP picked up a slew of seats in last November’s mid-terms after they got blamed for “shutting down the government!”


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