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Jeb Bush television interview, book plans fuel speculation about possible 2016 bid

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Jeb Bush is continuing to fuel speculation about his possible plans for a 2016 presidential run, telling an interviewer Sunday that he thinks “almost daily” about what a good president Mitt Romney would be compared to the man in the White House now.

Bush also announced he is releasing about 250,000 emails from his stint as Florida governor and is planning an e-book to be published next year — signs he could be trying to re-introduce himself to the nation.

Possibly giving a hint to how he might run his own campaign for the top job, Bush also discussed in the interview how he thought Romney might have done better in the 2012 run.

“He struggled in the primary because the emphasis on subjects that he was uncomfortable with, he got off, I think he got off message,” Bush told Miami ABC station WPLG. “He should have said, ‘I’m a problem solver. My life has been about building things up and solving problems and moving forward. That’s why we need, you know, whatever.’ Then explain why that would matter as president.

“And he got into, sucked into other people’s agendas and I think it hurt him a little bit. And I think about this almost daily. I think Mitt Romney would have been a spectacular president in this time. And he was proven right in a lot of his beliefs and ideas shortly after the election as well. So winning with purpose, winning with meaning, winning with your integrity is what I’m trying to talk about.”

And so the waiting game continues for Republicans and Democrats — waiting for a Bush to take the plunge or a Clinton to make up her mind.

Bush versus Clinton in the 21st century? It’s only been 22 years since the last go-‘round.


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