CNN draws scathing criticism over ‘hands up’ display; ‘a parody of a news channel’

CNN, the real faux news network that destroyed its own reputation with its breathless – and inane – ‘coverage” of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight early this year, lowered its standing even further Saturday when commentator Sally Kohn and three panelists raised their hands in the now-thoroughly debunked “hands up, don’t shoot” pose of the Michael Brown shooting protesters.

And Twitter users weren’t shy about their criticism.  

Really. The story of an innocent Michael Brown being shot down by a police officer while trying to surrender has been disproven — even by an autopsy by a medical examiner retained  by the Brown family.

No one — literally, no one — who knows the facts of the case thinks the “hands up, don’t shoot” protesters are on target with this. But that doesn’t stop the protesters — or insipid CNN commentators from empty gestures of solidarity like this one.  

They heard about them all right. But we’re way past the point where the truth matters in the “narrative” of the mainstream media, the Al Sharptons and the rest.  

Unfortunately not.

This one pretty much sums it up.

Sounds reasonable, right?



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