Mexican drug smuggler sues US border patrol over dog bite

Border Patrol Dogs
Photo credit The Inquisitr.

A drug mule transporting marijuana across the Mexican border is suing border patrol officials after he said an agency dog mauled him.

Jose Manuel Marino-Najera was trying to get to New York so he could find work with his uncle, but hiring a coyote to help him cross the border was too pricey, according to the Daily Beast.

Marino-Najera found a group willing to pay him for his journey if he took a backpack stuffed with marijuana across the border with him.

Tired and thirsty, Marino-Najera was sleeping with others beside a tree in Arizona when a border patrol dog sunk its teeth into his arm, Marino-Najera said in court papers.

The smuggler’s lawsuit claims agents ignored his cries for help, allowing the dog to maul him for several minutes.

Marino-Najera is seeking compensation for medical expenses, loss of income and emotional distress, the Daily Beast reported.

“When you’re in this country, the Constitution applies to you. He can sue under the same circumstances that a U.S. citizen can sue if they’re mistreated,” Marino-Najera’s attorney, Bill Risner, told the Daily Beast. “The Border Patrol is taught to kill people. I guess the word sort of gets out that I’m not afraid to sue them. The guy was harmless. To come up, this is what he did. To let the dog chew on him and chew on him when he’s screaming, that’s wrong.”

It’s almost as wrong as smuggling drugs into the country.

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