Dramatic revised, colorized footage of the Warsaw Uprising

Retouched and colorized footage of the operation that occurred in 1944 is mesmerizing.

The Warsaw Uprising was an operation that began 1 August 1944 by the Polish resistance Home Army with the objective to liberate Warsaw Poland from Nazi Germany. The city was demolished and the Polish resistance was crushed, having no support for months.

The compilation of footage was shared by Kbdroll to Live Leak.

(Mature content) 

According to Wikipedia:

Although the exact number of casualties remains unknown, it is estimated that about 16,000 members of the Polish resistance were killed and about 6,000 badly wounded. In addition, between 150,000 and 200,000 Polish civilians died, mostly from mass executions. Jews being harboured by Poles were exposed by German house-to-house clearances and mass evictions of entire neighbourhoods. German casualties totalled over 8,000 soldiers killed and missing, and 9,000 wounded. During the urban combat approximately 25% of Warsaw’s buildings were destroyed. Following the surrender of Polish forces, German troops systematically leveled another 35% of the city block by block. Together with earlier damage suffered in the 1939 invasion of Poland and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943, over 85% of the city was destroyed by January 1945, when the course of the events in the Eastern Front forced the Germans to abandon the city.

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