Man secretly living in ceiling of restaurant scares diners when he comes crashing down

Yard House Damage
Photo credit Eric Lupher via Daily Mail.

A homeless man gave a new meaning to the phrase “rainmaker” for one Denver restaurant.

Workers at the Yard House eatery phoned police Tuesday to report a vagrant in the establishment.

When they arrived police found Steven Graves, 36, wandering around the rafters.

Unfortunately, police lost sight of the drifter. While on the loose, he ruptured a water pipe and flooded both the restaurant and the adjacent Sheraton hotel lobby, according to 7News Denver.

When police climbed up to the ceiling, they made a startling discovery. Bottle caps from liquor bottles were strewn about, indicating that Graves had been living in the ceiling for a long time.

Yard House Damage
Photo credit CBS Denver via Daily Mail.

Then police heard a noise that led them to their man.

“There was moaning coming from one of the walls to the right of the front doors,” said James Ballinger of the Denver Police Department.

They moved some chairs and saw Graves feet dangling out of the wall, 7News reported.

Steven Graves Yard House
Photo credit Eric Lupher via Daily Mail.

The Denver Fire Department responded at that point and used a chainsaw to cut the wall and remove him.

Graves, wearing only jeans, was rushed to the hospital after what officials described as a 20 foot fall.

He was later arrested on burglary charges.

The repair bills are going to drive restaurant owners up a wall.

Carmine Sabia


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