ISIS animals behead four children for praising Jesus, Christian leader reports

Brave Christian children have been beheaded by ISIS animals in Iraq for refusing to deny their faith in Jesus.

This according to Canon Andrew White leader of the Anglican church in Baghdad, who appeared in a video posted on the Christian Broadcasting Network Web site.

“They killed huge numbers. They chopped the children in half. They chopped their heads off,” White said.

“Thing have got so bad in Iraq. They came to one of our people the other day,” he continued. “They said, ‘either you say the words of converting to Islam or we kill all your children.’ He was desperate. He said the words.”

And it got worse.

“A few days later, another story of some of our young people. ISIS turned up and said to the children, ‘You say the words that you will follow Mohammed,’ ” he said. “And the children, all under 15…they said ‘No, we love Yeshua [Jesus], we have always loved Yeshua, we have always followed Yeshua, Yeshua has always been with us.’

“They chopped all their heads off,” he said. “How do you respond to that? You just cry.”

The interviewer ended the video by asking White if it is possible for Christians to live under ISIS rule.

“No. Impossible,” he said. “All of them have had to flee.”

According to White, the largest population of Iraqi Christians in the world right now is in Chicago. That tells you how desperate the situation has become.

Carmine Sabia


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