Cop who caught hungry mother stealing eggs brings her two truckloads of food


A police officer’s kindness and a coincidental camera shot have combined to produce two truckloads of food to feed a poverty-stricken family through the Christmas season.

The  story started on Saturday in Tarrant, Ala., when Officer William Stacy was called to a grocery store about a woman who tried to steal eggs out of a carton to feed her grandchildren, according to 

When the store declined to press charges, Stacy bought a carton of eggs for 47-year-old Helen Johnson. Overcome, she embraced him in the parking lot of the store.

A passerby caught the hug on camera and posted the photo and the tale of Stacy’s generosity on Facebook.

And the floodgates were open.

Tarrant Police Chief Dennie Reno told he had to staff the police dispatch line with a second officer just to handle the calls from those wishing to donate to the family, and the department has set up a bank fund to handle the money.

On Wednesday, Stacy and fellow officers went to Johnson’s house with two truckloads of food – enough to keep her and her grandchildren from having to steal eggs for a long time to come.

Even though Stacy never intended his act of kindness to be known – who plans on a parking lot hug to go viral – he said he was glad of the way the story is turning out. And not just for Johnson and the young ones.

“As of right now, with all the stuff going on in Ferguson and New York and all over the U.S., it’s good to have this kind of story,” he told “It gives a positive image for law enforcement.”

That is does, officer. That it does.

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