‘Boehner and White House win’: Omnibus bill passes 219-206 – here are the 67 Republicans who voted NO


Over the fierce objections of conservative Republicans, the House of Representatives on Thursday approved a $1.1 trillion spending bill to keep the government running through September – including funding for President Obama’s executive action on illegal immigrants.

Sixty-seven Republicans rejected the bill, which had been cobbled together by House Speaker John Boehner and now goes to the Senate for passage.

Speaking for many conservatives, Mo Brooks of Alabama accused GOP leaders of putting the interests of the party’s business backers over its populist base.

“Without any remorse whatsoever, the House leadership has surrendered to President Obama on the illegal alien issue, and have supported and decided to fund amnesty,” Brooks said Wednesday, according to Bloomberg.

Boehner defended the bill, known as the “cromnibus” or continuing resolution-omnibus bill.

“This plan was put together after consultation with our members,” he said Thursday, according to The Hill. “And we worked through this process in a bipartisan, bicameral way.”

It was bipartisan in opposition too. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi also opposed the bill because, she said, it watered down Wall Street reform. Most House Democrats voted against it.

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