Unbelievable! Obama wants followers to skimp on charity and give to his ‘organizers’ instead

During this season of giving, there are so many great charities to choose from it can be tough to decide.

You can give to charities for sick children like St. Jude, or an organization that helps the poor and the hungry like The Salvation Army.

OR you can donate to the charity of our president’s choice.

In an unbelievable act of selfishness, the ego-in-chief has asked his supporters on Twitter to donate to his “charity,” Organizing For Action.

That’s right. While so many are suffering from the terrible economic decisions the president himself has made, he wants you to donate to forgo the hungry, the poor and the sick kids and give him more of your money. Money he can use to train more progressive propagandists.

Twitter users were outraged.

Even yours truly sent him a message.

Carmine Sabia


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