This is how cops end up raising other people’s kids

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth a doctoral thesis on the changing dynamics between children and adults.

Watch the boy’s body language when he’s talking to his mom, telling her how his mess is her fault. Watch how his parents can’t get him to own up to what he’s done or inspire him to do the right thing and clean up his mess.

The dad passes the buck and threatens police action. He doesn’t tell his boy that he’ll punish him if doesn’t clean up his mess. He tells his son that the police are coming and they’ll take him downtown, “and you’re going to sit in a cell by yourself.”

In a cell?


On the other side, mom threatens that Santa will withhold his presents.

And though the parents have created what will likely be a viral video to document this incident, the little boy clearly lacks what all kids ultimately need: two parents who will put the damn phone down long enough to teach him to have a conscience.

If they don’t the cops will be locking him up one of these years.

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