‘Stop letting them bully you’: Town fights back against atheist attack on public Nativity

The militant atheist Freedom From Religion Foundation is at it again but, where so many others have caved to them, this time the people are fighting back.

The town of Brookville, Ind., has been displaying a Nativity scene each Christmas outside its courthouse for 50 years.

For the past several years, the foundation has been threatening a lawsuit over the display and the town has been ignoring it. This year, however, the town and its people have decided to fight, by taking their message to the national media.

On “Fox & Friends” Thursday host Steve Doocy spoke to Franklin County Commissioner Scott McDonough.

“The First Amendment gives people the freedom of speech, freedom of religion,” he said. “The key words there are freedom of religion not freedom from religion and we intend to protect the community’s right to express themselves.”

He said that contrary to what the foundation believes, the law allows for this type of display.

“They’re misreading the law because… you can have a religious display in an open forum as long as you’re providing everyone the same opportunity,” he said. “If someone wanted to come along and asked us to put a Star of David and a Menorah on the courthouse lawn, we would permit that. No one is being denied access to the public forums.”

McDonough also gave some advice to other towns who face similar litigation.

“Stop letting them bully you. They go around threatening to sue municipalities, other government agencies if they permit any type of religious display,” he said. “They use the misconceptions about the separation of church and state to make everyone afraid of getting into the middle of a lawsuit, when the Constitution does protect you.”

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Carmine Sabia


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