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Police-state policing: Cop caught on video illegally harassing Second Amendment supporter

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A Houston police officer has been caught on video illegally harassing a Second Amendment demonstrator and attempting to destroy the evidence.

In a video, uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 6, a Texas man was openly carrying a gun-rights poster and an AR-15 in public — which is legal in the state of Texas — when the cop pulled up to question him.

When the officer asked the man for ID, the demonstrator told the officer that he did not have his identification on him, and got threatened with arrest.

The officer then demanded the man take his gun off and threw his poster to the ground.

“You are going to jail for failure to ID because you can’t tell me who you are, you can’t prove who you are. I’m tired of you idiots coming out here,” the officer said.

That’s when the officer realized he was being recorded.

“Take the phone off now because we are going to erase it because you’re recording everything,” the officer threatened.

Fortunately for the demonstrator, the officer had no idea what he was doing with the phone as he tapped the button to stop the recording twice thus stopping and restarting the video.

David Amad of Open Carry Texas had some choice words for this cop when he spoke to Fox 26 about the incident.

“The officer is an un-convicted felon. He may not ever get convicted, but the fact of the matter is, this one particular officer broke the law big time,” he said.

Fox 26 legal analyst Chris Tritico agreed. What the officer did was “completely unlawful and a violation of HPD policy,” he said.

“Someone calls up and says this makes me nervous, they were pointing the gun — whatever the complaint was — the police than have the right to come to you and investigate that complaint and so at that point they lawfully have the right to say give me that weapon while I talk to you and you have to give it up,” he said.

The Houston Police Department declined to comment on the incident because it is under investigation, Fox 26 reported.

Carmine Sabia


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