Rick Perry
Watch how Rick Perry handles the insulting question MSNBC would NEVER ask a Democrat

Sitting down with MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt for an interview aired Thursday, outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry might have expected her to ask at any moment when […]

Houston Police Arrest
Police-state policing: Cop caught on video illegally harassing Second Amendment supporter

A Houston police officer has been caught on video illegally harassing a Second Amendment demonstrator and attempting to destroy the evidence. In a video, uploaded to YouTube […]

Floridians wait for low-THC cannabis treatment due to health department’s failings

Charlotte’s Web isn’t just an adorable children’s classic. It’s also the name of a compassionate medical marijuana law passed by the Republican-dominated Florida Legislature earlier this year that’s […]

State lawmakers look to shift power away from Washington

A movement is afoot from state lawmakers who believe the federal government has amassed far too much power, to the detriment of state authority and autonomy. They’re […]

Mayor walks out in protest at atheist’s ‘prayer,’ but not for the reason you might think

The mayor and several commissioners of a South Florida city walked out of a recent meeting as an atheist prepared to offer an invocation. The City of […]

Megyn Kelly slams Obama hypocrisy on ‘torture report’ release; ‘Preacher, heal thyself’

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly opened “The Kelly File” Wednesday night with a devastating critique of presidential hypocrisy in the wake of Senate Democrats’ decision to publicly release […]

‘A LOAD OF CRAP’: Cheney trashes Democrats’ ‘torture report,’ calls conclusions ‘a flat-out lie’

Former Vice President Dick Cheney minced no words Wednesday defending the CIA and the Bush administration’s interrogation of suspected terrorists, or putting down a report written by […]

Ted Yoho FB
Florida Five: Yoho’s immigration bill draws fire, Gun business booming

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Obscure lawmaker trying to nix Obama’s immigration order suddenly thrust in spotlight – Conservative radio talk show hosts […]