Megyn Kelly slams Obama hypocrisy on ‘torture report’ release; ‘Preacher, heal thyself’

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly opened “The Kelly File” Wednesday night with a devastating critique of presidential hypocrisy in the wake of Senate Democrats’ decision to publicly release a deeply flawed report on the country’s interrogation programs in the war on terror.

The hypocrisy  is striking.

Kelly started with video of President Obama and White House mouthpiece Josh Earnest defending the partisan report’s release on the grounds of “transparency,” then contrasted it with Obama’s own inconsistency and obfuscation about the power grab of the executive action on immigration he undertook after a resounding repudiation by American voters in the midterm elections.

Her conclusion was a thing of bitter beauty.

“So the transparency that puts U.S. lives on the line is apparently easy to come by in Washington,” she concluded. “But that which paints the president in a potentially bad light appears to be a much harder lift.”

With its arrogant, imperial White House, duplicitous Democrats on Capitol Hill, and – most of all — its compliant, near-traitorous mainstream media “coverage,” there’s not a better description of the Obama Era going.


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