‘A LOAD OF CRAP’: Cheney trashes Democrats’ ‘torture report,’ calls conclusions ‘a flat-out lie’

Former Vice President Dick Cheney minced no words Wednesday defending the CIA and the Bush administration’s interrogation of suspected terrorists, or putting down a report written by Senate Democrats denouncing the now defunct program.

Describing the 6,000 page report as a “load of crap,” the vice president liberals love to hate had absolutely no respect for the report’s conclusions that the methods Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats describe as “torture” produced no useful intelligence in the war on terror.

“A flat-out lie,” Cheney told Fox News interviewer Brett Baier.

Cheney was unstinting in his praise for the CIA operatives who were part of the interrogation system – and expressed zero sympathy for the admitted terrorists and alleged terrorists caught in its clutches, including one detainee who died of hypothermia.

“Three thousand Americans died on 9/11 because of what these guys did,” Cheney said. “How nice do you want to be to the murderers of 3,000 Americans?”  

And he made it clear that he — and by extension the Bush administration — would have no part of Democrat efforts to depict the country’s intelligence services as some kind of “rogue operation” keeping their civilian overseers in the dark.

“The men and women of the CIA did exactly what we wanted them to do,” Cheney said.

Cheney also fielded a question from Baier about Republican critics of the program, including Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who rose on the Senate floor Wednesday to denounce the methods used.

“John and I had a fundamental disagreement about the program,” Cheney said.

“I’d do it again in a minute.”

Ask yourself if you could imagine any Democrat on the national scene – including the man in the White House or the woman widely expected to be a favorite to try to succeed him – with the confidence and courage to say that.

And mean it.


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