Video: Alabama cop buys eggs for shoplifter then lets her go

The Christmas season can be heartbreaking because there are so many people in need. And yet, it can also be heartwarming because there are some very good souls who do the right thing, like the officer in Alabama who bought eggs for a woman he could have arrested for shoplifting.

Helen Johnson walked to the dollar store with $1.25 in her pocket to buy some eggs for her grandkids, who hadn’t eaten in two days. When she got there, she found she was 50 cents short.

“I actually thought that if I didn’t feed those babies, they were going to die,” she said in an interview with WIAT in Birmingham, Ala. “It just struck me, maybe if I get three eggs to feed them — just those three eggs — that will be enough to hold them until something else came through.”

Unable to buy the dozen with the money she had, she stole three eggs out of a carton. And she was caught.

Tarrant police Officer William Stacy responded to the scene. Instead of arresting her, he bought her a dozen eggs and let her go.

A bystander recorded the incident and Johnson’s heartfelt thank you to the officer.

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