Granny’s watching the gun store; these 2 thugs sorry they didn’t get the word

Two thugs in Arkansas decided robbing a gun store would be a good idea – apparently without thinking the store owners might have guns with them, too.

It could have ended much worse – for them.

According to KFSM, Marcus Gould, 25, and Leon Robertson, 20, are now facing capital attempted murder and aggravated robbery charges after the Dec. 6 robbery went bad at the C&S Gun and Pawn Shop in Springdale, Ark.

Gould is waiting for his court appearance from a hospital bed after being shot in the arm by 74-year-old Shirley Cornet, who owns the store with her husband, Clint.

The men left the store but were arrested after seeking medical treatment for Gould’s wound at a hospital about an hour from Springdale.

Shirley Cornet was nearly killed exchanging fire with the thug, but saved by a stack of books a bullet hit. Clint Cornet told KFSM the bullet struck his wife after it hit the books but did not break her skin. She was shaken up, but otherwise unharmed, KFSM reported.

Both robbery suspects are from California, according to KFSM.

Maybe Californians don’t expect gun store owners to carry guns.

Or these two just aren’t very bright.

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