College president forced to apologize for saying ‘ALL lives matter’

A college president who thought she was doing the right thing by praising protesters angry over the recent deaths of black men at the hands of police found out she was dead wrong – because she wasn’t submissive enough.

And now she’s apologizing.

all livesKathleen McCartney, president of the small liberal arts Smith College in Northampton, Mass., wrote a campus-wide email criticizing grand jury decisions in the cases of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner in Staten Island, N.Y.

“We are united in our insistence that all lives matter,” McCartney wrote in emails available on Smith College’s website. “We gather in vigil, we raise our voices in protest.”

That might sound reasonable, but it’s not the party line. For the purposes of the current anti-cop mobs and their minions in the media, only certain lives matter. That’s why the chant these days is “black lives matter.”

“It minimizes the anti-blackness of this the current situation; yes, all lives matter, but not all lives are being targeted for police brutality,” one student in response.

Being a college president, McCartney might be educated enough to know that blacks in the United States (particularly men) are “targeted” for death by the thousands every year by other blacks (particularly men) – not by cops.

Being a college president, she might have the authority to point out to the protesters that if, indeed, black lives matter, their protests against the cops are woefully, irrationally, damn near criminally misplaced.

But being a lib, McCartney just caved – cravenly.

In an email apology, available on Smith College’s website, she wrote she didn’t realize that the phrase “all lives matter” had been “used by some to draw attention away from the focus on institutional violence against Black people.” (Note the PC capitalization of “Black.”)

“I am committed to working as a white ally, to learning from the lived experiences of people of color, and to acknowledging mistakes, despite my best intentions,” she wrote.

If anyone’s wondering, McCartney’s white. She must have thought for a minute her own life mattered, too.

Sounds like she’s learned better now.

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