Watch police pull over drivers and give them Christmas gifts instead of tickets!

Most contact police officers have with the public is when they pull them over for traffic stops. This may turn out OK for the officers, but no one likes getting pulled over, unless they’re getting pulled over in Lowell, Mich.

Lowell Police Chief Steve Bukala said that in those 10- to 15-minute traffic stops, police can find out a lot about people and what kind of day they’re having.

“We got this idea,” Bukala said. “What if we could change that person’s day right now?”

When officers pulled over drivers for a driving infraction, they asked about what items were left to buy on their shopping lists. The officer “elves” then went and purchased those items and delivered them to the drivers, who thought the only thing they’d be getting that day was a ticket.

What a way to brighten someone’s day!


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