Mechanic knows how to fix an attempted robbery — and it starts with the gun in his belt

Every good mechanic knows you use the right tool for the right job.

For Chance Morman this weekend, the right tool was the handgun on his belt – and the job was stopping his shop from getting robbed.

According to WDAY, an ABC station in Fargo, N.D., Morman was on duty at a Fargo Meineke shop on Saturday when a stranger entered the shop.

When Morman asked if he needed help, the man put his hand under his shirt and said, “ ‘you’re going to give me all the money you have or I’m going to blow your f***ing head off,’” Morman told WDAY.

Instead of giving the thug money, though, Morman had another plan.

“Took a step back and drew my handgun on him and ordered him to the ground,” Morman told the station.

The guy fled, giving Morman a chance to call the police – and his co-workers a chance to find out where the guy was staying.

Turned out it was a Motel 6 right across the street. In short order, the place was surrounded by cops, and a 32-year-old man named Eugene Quinnett was under arrest.

Meineke owner Henry Holtgard told WDAY his store’s policy is for employees to go along with any robbery rather than risk injury, but he has no problem with his workers being armed. He carries himself.

“There’s no sense to pick and choose when you’re going to carry it because the time you’re not carrying it is probably the time you need it,” he said.

Morman agrees.

“Ultimately, you are in control of whether or not you become a victim of a crime,” he told WDAY. “Hopefully if never has to be used, but in the occasion that it does, it’s nice to know it’s there.”

Right tool. Right job. Right time.

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